Our Approach

The VINNOV Technologies business development team locates new opportunities for partners by developing and nurturing new brands. These new brands are propagated into a specific industry's target market through the further development and execution of technology-based assets utilizing an array of technology-based platforms. The end result for our company is the generation of new business leads which are subsequently passed on to the partner for conversion.

In addition to VINNOV's focus on new customer acquisition through lead generation, the VINNOV business development team hand-crafts customer retention programs and solutions geared towards minimizing our partner's churn percentages.

One of the more unique aspects of the VINNOV Technologies model is that our company only engages in revenue-sharing agreements; we do not charge up front fees for the utilization of our assets and associated resources. We only accept percentage-based payments from our partner after our partner has realized benefits resulting from the new business generated by our company.

Because our revenue is derived from a percentage of the business we bring to our partners, prior to contracting with a prospective partner, we stringently qualify each prospective partner's ability to convert leads and operate in a manner that will affect the VINNOV industry specific brand in a positive manner.