Real Estate

Residential real estate has been making a convincing comeback since the National housing market implosion that took place between 2007 and 2010. Resale inventory levels for more centrally located developments that have been completely built out are at decade lows, and buyers are again competing for what few homes may match their criteria and as a result, home prices are on the rise.

VINNOV Technologies has developed two Arizona residential real estate brands under which it operates over two dozen lead generating assets covering Arizona probate real estate, Arizona distressed homeowner real estate, Arizona traditional residential real estate, Arizona investment real estate, Arizona new home construction and Arizona active adult and retirement real estate.


Medical billing and claims processes are evolving at an extraordinary rate and will continue to do so long into the future; it is a statistical fact that bill payers (insurance companies of all types) want to hold onto reimbursement dollars owed to medical practices such as yours for as much time as possible. In order to do this, these medical bill payers are implementing new billing regulations and revising existing claims processing procedures every day.

CABARIS is a full service HIPAA compliant medical billing service and revenue cycle management company, providing outsourcing services to physicians and medical practitioners at the most competitive rates in the industry.

VINNOV Technologies developed the CABARIS brand and continues to nurture the brand partly through partnerships with medical billing and revenue cycle management services companies throughout the nation.

Fine Art

For decades, art has been considered an "investment of passion" that not only offers aesthetic utility, but the potential of long-term economic benefit. However, only recently has art been viewed through the lens of modern portfolio theory and considered a potential alternative investment as part of a portfolio of assets. Though research continues to shed more light on what has been historically an opaque market, studies show that art can offer long-term return potential that is uncorrelated with other asset classes.

Early Fine Art Dealers owns and operates over two dozen web-based assets that generate inquires for over 500 of the world's top artists in all genres of original works of art. Early Fine Art Dealers leverages its relationships with galleries and auction houses for the purchasing and selling of these works of art.

VINNOV Technologies has invested substantial resource into the development and nurturing of dozens of fine art related assets.

Higher Education

Research has identified online education as one of the key industries thriving on global reliance on new technologies, along with internet publishing and broadcasting, online retailing and smartphone application development. Earnings for the online education market have been estimated at approximately $3.2 billion in revenue and this number is expected to reach $8.25 billion by 2017.

VINNOV Technologies is currently working on the development of a single online education brand for the purpose of procuring high quality leads interested in engaging higher education online curriculums.