VINNOV, Inc is the owner of the premium domains for sale below. If you have interest in purchasing one of the following premium domains for sale, simply complete the form at the bottom of the page and submit. Please make sure to carefully note the domain name you wish to purchase as well as your offer price for that specific domain name. If you would like to offer on multiple domain names, simply note each domain and domain offer price (separate each domain/price set with a comma).

Please note that there may be domains on this list that are still in use and not for sale. Should you have any additional questions, please explain in detail your question(s).

Hood River Domains Available

Scottsdale Domains Available

Finance Domains Available

Business Domains Available – currently has a fully functioning shopping cart enabled website included; the site can be taken over as part of the domain purchase, or we can add any additional products for the purchaser, for an additional fee, following settlement of the purchase of the domain.

Healthcare Domains Available

Real Estate Domains Available

VINNOV, Inc is and has been a very reputable technology marketing and business development firm located in Scottsdale, Arizona since 1996. The domain registration ownership transferred to buyers is complete registration ownership, and is only subject to the terms and conditions of the domain registration requirements mandated by your domain registrar to which the purchased domain(s) transfer. Once the transfer of a premium domain for sale has been fully executed, VINNOV, Inc retains no further interest in the domain. A VINNOV domain registration representative will contact you promptly to discuss the contractual transfer process.

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